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September 28, 2007
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Ron Paul is Truth by waterostrich Ron Paul is Truth by waterostrich
The quote 'Authority is not truth, Truth is Authority.' was first heard by myself by Christine Ebersole (singer/actress) at a 9/11 Truth protest with Alex Jones in New york City.

The design was done for the grassroots graphic art movement for Ron Paul: [link]

For those whom are not aware, Ron Paul is a presidential candidate running under a Republican ticket, but he is in no way like every other republican whome we all have grown to loathe. Ron Paul is for minimal government and for freedom. Google his name, or better yet, Youtube his name, and you will grow to love everything he stands for (unless of course you think that the government knows best.)

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Chris-lam Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Student Artist
love this poster. not the content, but the layout! :D
JoshUsmani Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2008
Hell Yes! I'm a member of both my local Campaign for Liberty and We Are Change Ohio. Ron Paul was robbed in Nevada's primary!
waterostrich Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008   Interface Designer
cool man! I'm living in Florida right now, other wise I might join you in Ohio.
spicone Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Featured via news [link] :)
waterostrich Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008   Interface Designer
My thanks sir! I am a big fan of your 'in Love with Typography' series. It has recently inspired me to begin a blog in a similar manner once I get my website up and running (eta 3 weeks)

I also first heard the quote 'authority is not truth, truth is authority' by Christine Ebersole at the same rally (youtube, I wasn't actually there.) I've been unable to locate a source from which it originally originated, so that leaves me to believe that Ms Ebersole is not only a singer, but also a philosopher, and who can't like that?
k-ee-ran Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
don't care if my further comment causes political uncorrectness, but......

A THOUSAND AMENS!!!!! :w00t:
written-in-the-sand Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008   Writer
love the ARTWORK, what it stands for, and your will to defend your point of view. way to make a stand. :heart:

Ron-Paul-4-President Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2008
Ron Paul for President! Hurah for Grassroots movements!
Contemptuous-Morale Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
Lets put it this way, cause I think this is the best way to put it.
If you can't trust ordinary people not to victimize each other, how can you trust the state not to victimize us all? Are the people who get into power so unselfish, so dedicated, so superior to the ones they rule? The more you distrust your fellows, the more reason there is for you to become an anarchist. Under anarchy, power is reduced and spread around. Everybody has some, but nobody has very much. Under the state, power is concentrated, and most people have none, really. Which kind of power would you like to go up against? That is the real question.
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